If you’re searching for a writer for your online blog, magazine, or article, or if you’re looking for someone who will guest blog for your website, you’ve come to the right place! My published work has been talked about in Young Urban Voices Magazine94.7 KRKS Denver’s Christian Radio Station, my books have a 5-star rating on Amazon.com and I’ve been blogging since 2013.

My latest published book is Rescued Love: Cultivating Intimacy in Relationships. You can learn more about my books by clicking the Amazon link above. As a freelance blogger, I pride myself on only producing the best content. Other than the topic I’ve already mentioned, some of the Spirit-filled topics I write about are: missionary work,  personal growth, inner healing, and love/relationships. 


Yolanda Steed-Zafi
Pastor & Founder at Iris Footprints South Africa

 "Ernesto's passion for writing is evident in the words he puts onto paper. He has a heartfelt sincerity, a love for people and a desire to share his gift of writing with others. He is a good author with an excitement for life, which is a winning combination, and evident in his book."


Lance Alves
Evangelist & Speaker
"Ernesto Aragon has the unique ability to write in a way that can only be attributed to a gift from God. It’s not only what he writes; which is profound, but in the style and wisdom he communicates it."


Christopher Hicks
Director of The Upper Room Missions

"Ernesto Aragon possesses a writing style that is eloquence flowing from the tip of his pen. Very easy to read and comprehend because his biblical based books have no gray area.  His well-formed sentences and paragraphs leave you engaged and give you the notion of knowing the author in a personal way. Ten pages feel like your reading one, leaving you wanting more. I highly recommend this author and his thought-provoking writing style."

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