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Ernesto Aragon always had a passion for creativity, fantasy storytelling, and games. His favorite game growing up was The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past ™. Though he enjoyed a variety of creative hobbies, he wasn’t using them to any specific end and felt he had no purpose for his life. He’d grown up in the church, but his experience of religion up to that point hadn’t given him a sense of purpose either.

One day in December of 2013 he was so depressed that he contemplated suicide. While he held the knife in his hand, he suddenly had a vision of people lying on the ground who’d been murdered because of their faith in Jesus. At that moment, he sensed Jesus was giving him insight, and the words that came to him were: “These people died for my sake, and you’re dying for what?”

Since that vision, Ernesto has traveled to six nations sharing the love of Jesus with various people groups. He is passionate about raising awareness of religious persecution of Christians, as well as those of other faiths, happening in war-torn nations. These experiences are how the story of Vribyss Refuge ™ was birthed. 


If you’d like to know more about his time overseas, check out his blogs Two Weeks of Intense Growth in Gran Canaria, Spain, and My First Missions Trip: Pemba, Mozambique. To read his personal autobiography, check out his books Amazon.com

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