Thursday, Day 1: Serving

This past weekend I went to the Jesus Culture Sacramento Conference, and it was incredible! The conference started on a Thursday and I served on the registration team. That Thursday, I registered people for eight hours. It was tiring but fulfilling at the same time.

During those eight hours, me and one of the other volunteers prayed for a woman who had lots of pain in her body. While she wasn’t healed immediately, she was thankful for the prayer. Another awesome thing that happened was that two of the conference attendees decided to pray for me after I registered them.

That may not sound like a big deal, but I didn’t ask for prayer. They just volunteered to pray for me. I’ll take all the prayer I can get! Haha

Friday, Day 2: Lisa Bevere Preaches on Identity in Christ

On Friday, I only needed to register people from 12 to 5 pm. That meant that I was able to attend the morning and evening session of the conference. Both the morning and evening sessions were powerful. But, when Lisa Bevere preached at the evening session…WOW!

The reason her testimony impacted me so much is that she’s missing one eye. Yes, that’s right. She only has one eye and the other one is fake. You can’t tell one of her eyes is fake by looking at her since the fake eye looks incredibly real. She’s not ashamed of it and she even talks and jokes about it every so often.

When I think of all the times people have made fun of me in the past, I’m encouraged to know about someone who’s able to overcome the negative opinions of people even though she speaks in front of thousands of people on a regular basis. People don’t define you. God defines you!

Saturday, Day 3: Rebekah Lyons Preaches on Freedom From Panic Attacks

During the final day of the conference, I was able to attend all three sessions: morning, afternoon, and evening. In the morning session, Rebekah Lyons preached. She shared her powerful testimony about how God set her free from having panic attacks. As I listened to her preach, I remembered the first time I ever went on a missions trip and had a panic attack.

Not only was it my first missions trip, but it was also the first time I ever got on a plane on my own and my first time flying out of the United States. Aside from all that, it didn’t help that my connecting flight was extremely late. When I was at the Los Angeles airport waiting for my connecting flight, my panic attack that was so bad that I almost passed out.

I started to think that I was going to die. My palms got sweaty, I got a migraine headache, and then the entire room started spinning around. The people’s voices around me sounded like echoes from a nightmare. When I finally realized what was happening to me, I started praying quietly in tongues.

After praying for about a half an hour, my migraine was gone, the room stopped spinning, and I was fine! I know how serious fear can be. It can be crippling, but Rebekah’s message was a great reminder for us all to stay connected to Jesus all the time. His perfect love always casts out fear.

Jesus Heals a Woman

Later that Saturday morning, a woman at the conference tapped me on the shoulder and thanked me for praying for her at church a long time ago. I didn’t remember what I prayed for her about, so I asked her to please remind me. She said that a long time ago when I prayed for her at church, I prayed that God would heal her of a problem with her blood. The problem was that her red blood cells were abnormally large and it was causing her to be sick.

The doctors could not figure out what was wrong with her. But she told me that after I prayed for her, Jesus completely healed her of the blood problem! The same way Jesus supernaturally healed her of the problem with her blood, I believe anyone reading this will be completely healed of problems with their blood as well!

Confirmation Of My Future Wife

The coolest thing that happened at the Jesus Culture conference was that I ran into a man named Ethan. I didn’t remember who he was, but he remembered who I was. He reminded me that the first time we met, my girlfriend Lee (Now my fiancee) and I sat next to them at church about eight months ago.

The significance of this is that the first time I met Ethan eight months ago, my fiancee and I had only been dating for about two months, and we were in a long-distance relationship. Ethan and his now wife were also in a long distance relationship when they met too! We didn’t plan to sit next to each other at church eight months ago, but God planned it.

It still amazes me that I ended up reconnecting with a man I met eight months ago at church who happened to also be in a long-distance relationship with his now wife. Out of about two thousand people who attended the conference, God reconnected us there to confirm that Lee is to be my wife.

Overall, the conference was amazing. I believe that conferences are designed to inspire and motivate us to stay on fire for Jesus in the very thing He’s called us to do. Sometimes our lives can get dry when what we see doesn’t line up with what God created us for. Getting reignited by other people who are on fire for revival and change is often what we need to continue doing what God created us to do.


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