Right before it was time for me to leave Gran Canaria, Spain, some of my friends invited me to visit them in France for a week (Read more about my final two weeks in Spain). Since my flight to France was not planned, the only affordable way for me get there was by sleeping in the airport in Barcelona. Let’s just say I hope I never have to do that again haha

Christianity in France

While I was in France, I stayed in a city named Tourrettes with a very nice family. One of the things they told me was that God is moving powerfully in France in certain areas. They mentioned that while there are many churches in France, not many people who go to church actually have a relationship with Jesus.

They also mentioned that France is very much a mission field because most of the people who go to church there are just doing it out of a religious obligation. It was really sad for me to hear that.

But, at that moment, I knew why God had sent me to France: It was to intercede for revival in their land and it was also to fulfill a prophecy that God had previously given me about going to France.

Confirmation About Me Going To France

The first time I went ever went on a missions trip, I went to Mozambique. But before I ended up in Mozambique, I missed a flight and I got rescheduled to go to Paris, France (Read more about my unexpected layover in France). During my 10 hour layover in France, I remember having this feeling that I would be back there again.

I didn’t understand why I felt that way since I didn’t really have a desire to go back to France. I wanted to share the Gospel with people in poor places, and I didn’t see France as being somewhere God would send me to share the Gospel.

But not too long after I returned home from my first missions trip to Africa, I had a dream that I was doing ministry in France. And the following year, while I was worshipping in a small group, God spoke to me and told me that I would be going to France for ministry.

The French Are On Fire For Jesus!

For most of the time I was in France, I was at a powerful conference that glorified God in amazing ways! I know what you’re thinking. A conference… You sit in a chair, remain silent, and you try to stay awake while you’re listening to a man talk about God for many hours. Boring right? Wrong!

People were laughing, crying, laying on the floor in prostrate before God, prophesying over each other, singing, dancing, shouting, and many other cool things happened that I probably don’t remember!

There was definitely a teaching too, but it was exactly how a Holy Spirit conference is supposed to be…fun! I’d never seen so many French people on fire for Jesus! Even my French friends told me that meetings, such as the one I was experiencing, we’re very rare in France.

An Unreached People Group

Whenever someone thinks of an unreached people group, they often think of some remote place in the jungle or deep in the mountains where a secret society of people lives. That’s not always the case. Lots of people in France know about Jesus, but very few people actually know Jesus.

And it’s not like in the USA. In America, where I’m from, there are many healthy and thriving churches that are going out to the street and sharing the love of Jesus with their communities. While America certainly has it’s problems, the Gospel of Jesus is already being broadcasted on many radio stations, television shows, through many healthy churches, street outreach teams, etc.

These types of things don’t happen in France, according to what many of my French friends said to me. This is the reason that Jesus said to His disciples, (Me and you if you believe) “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation (Mark 16:15).”

My Final Thoughts

After the conference ended, I went to Nice, France and made some more friends there. I learned more about their culture, their history, and I even learned how I could pray for Jesus to bring change in their country. When it was time for me to go back to America, I was sad because I didn’t want to leave. But when I did leave, I knew that wasn’t going to be my last time in France…

(Pic #1: The Conference)

(My Friends & I)

( Just Me ? )

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