Going Back To Cali

Not long after Vihaan shared his heartbreaking story with me and the other missionaries, I returned back to my home in California. I didn’t plan to go home. In fact, I wanted to stay in the creative access nation and serve fulltime as an undercover missionary, but that wasn’t part of God’s plan.

You can read more about this part of my story in my article “Why Are You Alive.” If you read “Why Are You Alive,” that’ll make reading this article a lot easier. And, a lot more things here will make sense for ya šŸ˜‰

While I was back home in California, I spent a lot of time crying out to the Lord asking Him what He was calling me to next. After lots of prayers, suddenly, I remembered something that happened to me when I was in Mozambique…

A Flashback From Harvest School 25

I was sitting in the cafeteria talking to a woman named Paula. Paula is the leader of a missions base in Gran Canaria Spain. While we were talking to one another, we exchanged email addressed and told each other that we would keep in touch.

As I shared in my article, “Why Are You Alive,” I knew that one of the places where God was calling me to minister to people isĀ in Spain. Besides knowing that, I’d also received other prophetic words throughout the years that people have given me about going to Spain for ministry. I knew God would eventually call me to go to Spain for ministry, but I didn’t think it’d be anytime soon…

My Next Divine Assignment

After that flashback hit me, I thought, “Am I going to Gran Canaria, Spain?! How could I go there? It’s a beautiful island and it doesn’t look like anybody needs Jesus there. If I go to Gran Canaria, I think I’d get bored after a while living on an island!” I had zero confidence that the flashback I had about Paula at the Harvest School was God telling me to go to Gran Canaria. But, that flashback did spark some curiosity.

If God really wanted me to go to Gran Canaria to preach the Gospel, I needed some confirmation to be sure it was really God speaking to me.

Then one day while I was reading my journal from 2015, I found that I wrote something down about God calling me to Spain. That sent chills up and down my spine! “No way!?” I thought. But that wasn’t enough confirmation for me. I needed more!

As I continued reading my journal that day, I read something else that shocked me! My friend Laura had sent me a text message that day that was quite interesting. She said:

Hey! So I was driving to church this morning and I saw a guy in a car who looked so much like you, and then Jesus was showing me you traveling all over the world, especially to island places and people who are really “lost” and “forgotten!!”

By this point, I was really freaked out! Gran Canaria, Spain is an island, for those of you who may not know, and I never in my wildest dreams thought that there’d be lost and forgotten people on a beautiful island!

My Journey To Spain, Kinda

God confirmed twice that He’d called me to go to Spain. But I was still a little unsure. Then one day, while I was bored, I Googled my name. Yeah I know it’s weird, but you know you’ve either done it or thought about doing it lol When I looked at the search results, I was shocked to find a guy named Ernesto who’s family was born in Gran Canaria, Spain!

Some people might call all this superstitious, but I knew the three types of confirmation I’d received about Gran Canaria wasn’t just a coincidence. After the third confirmation, I decided to send an email to Paula and tell her that God was calling me to go to Gran Canaria.

When she replied to my email, she sent me all the information I needed, including the amount of money I needed, to get to her base in Gran Canaria. Over a period of about a month and a half-ish, God blessed me with over $2,000! I was able to use that money to pay for my flight to Spain and the included missions training.

Finally, My Journey To Spain

The reason I had the previous section titled, “My Journey To Spain, Kinda,” is because I still wasn’t 100% sure God had called me to Spain. Sounds terrible after I’d already purchased my ticket right?? I’m just being honest. Well since God knew my heart, He decided to give me even more confirmation. One day while I was listening to old recordings of prophetic words, I heard the voice in the recording say, “I hear the Lord telling you to March forth into your destiny.

Also, I feel that the date of March 4th might mean something to you.” Well, March 4th was the day that my plane was going to be landing in Gran Canaria! I couldn’t have planned all of those signs. God knew I was going to Gran Canaria way before I did. So, I hopped on a plane and left for Gran Canaria. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I was ready to find out!

My Journey in Spain Part 2
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