By this time it was May 2016. I had five months until ministry school started in Mozambique. For the months of May-July, I made money by doing odd jobs like fixing cars, selling stuff, etc. But the amount of money I was making was only enough money for me to make my monthly car payment and pay my phone bill. Then finally, Holy Spirit hit me with another idea.

Making Money for Ministry School in Mozambique

Since I just finished writing my latest book, “Rescued Love,” I decided to ask God if He wanted me to sell my latest book so that I could use that money to help me pay for my school tuition. While I was praying, I heard the Lord tell me that He wanted me to purchase 100 copies of my book from my publisher, then sell them!

When I heard the Lord tell me that, I freaked out because I thought, “What if I don’t actually sell 100 books?!” Well, there was only one way to find out whether they would sell or not…

Through the months of July and August, God opened so many doors for me to sell my books that I was overwhelmed by all the divine opportunities that were popping up! I spoke a few times in local churches about my book and sold lots of copies over that summer. One of my speaking engagements that was rather miraculous was when I was invited to speak about my book in Colorado.

Here’s a couple of pics of friends and family who enjoyed my book over the summer of 2016:

(My cousin Jessica)

My friend Kathleen Le (Speaker & Co-Director at Awakening the Nations)

(You can purchase Rescued Love on

It was miraculous because God provided the money for my plane ticket, a free hotel when I arrived in Colorado, free transportation, and free food for the entire weekend I was there! Since I only had enough money to pay my bills during that summer, God was proving to me that He was the One who was going to send me to Africa.

I could have worked hard all day and all night, but there was no way I was going to work hard enough to pay off my $10,000 car loan and come up with an additional $8,000 to pay for school.

What Does My Ministry Trip To Colorado Have to Do With Me Going To The Harvest School In Mozambique?

When I first arrived in Colorado, I ended up meeting one of my future Harvest School classmates; Lydia! If I had any doubt in my mind that Colorado was where I was supposed to be, meeting a future Harvest School student in Colorado definitely removed that doubt. That experience in itself confirmed that God had led me to go to Colorado.

The reason meeting Lydia was so miraculous is that The Harvest School of Missions is a school in Mozambique made up of students from all around the world. The chances of me actually getting to meet a future Harvest School student before going to Africa were slim to none.

The Sale of my Nissan Versa… Just In Time!

Altogether after me doing side jobs, selling 100 copies of my book, and donations from friends and family, I was able to put well over $2,000 into my car loan! By this time it was September 2016. I only had one month before I was supposed to travel to Africa and I still needed to pay off my car loan, sell my Versa, and then come up with $8,000 dollars on top of all that to pay for school.

After several potential buyers decided not to buy my Versa (Trying to sell a car with a loan is incredibly difficult!), someone finally decided to buy it for about $6,700. Since it still had a warranty on it, it was a great deal for the buyers and a great deal for me since they paid off my loan when they bought my car!

God is Always On Time

Not long after I finished paying off the Nissan Versa, I had received enough money through donations and side work to buy my plane ticket to go to school in Mozambique. And of course as you probably already know, God provided the entire $8,000 that I needed to pay for my school tuition as well. He provided that money about a week before school started which kinda stressed me out, but He’s always on time no matter what!

It was a miracle for me to even come up with the money to get to the Harvest School. But during that time, God taught me that even when I make mistakes and poor financial decisions, when it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill. And believe it or not, all this is only the beginning of my journey to The Harvest School of Missions in Pemba, Mozambique. What I’ve already shared may sound wild and crazy, but I’m just getting started!

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