I didn’t know what to do. With two cars, a $10,000 car loan, no money, and no job, it felt like the world was crashing down on me. For people in normal life situations, this would already be stressful enough. But, God was calling me to go to Africa for ministry school and I was somehow supposed to figure all this out in six months?!

Trying To Sell the Toyota Corolla

Rather than deciding to make another big decision without praying and asking God first, this time I really had to pray and ask God what to do with the two cars I had. While I was praying, God reminded me of a prophetic word my friend Kelsey gave me earlier in the year. In the prophetic word, she felt that God was doing something special with the number 26. Then, God spoke to me and told me to sell the Toyota Corolla on April 26th!

Sounds simple right? Well, not exactly. After looking over my smog paperwork (California has really strict smog/emission laws), I noticed that the Corolla I just bought barely passed smog by 1 point when I bought it. The law in California states that every new owner of a used car must have their car pass a smog inspection.

That means if the car I bought barely passed by 1 point before I bought it, it would be a miracle for it to pass smog again without spending a lot of money on car repairs. Then I stressed out and thought, “What if it doesn’t pass the smog test?? Am I gonna get stuck with spending a lot of money fixing this car when all I wanna do is get rid of it??”

So I finally brought my Corolla to the smog shop. I was filled with anxiety and praying in tongues during the entire smog test! Once the test was over, it was the moment of truth. The smog guy walked into the customer waiting room and said, “Man you’re lucky! It barely passed by one point!

The Special Day of April 26th

Once my Corolla passed smog, that was a huge weight lifted off of me! But before I could sell it, I needed to fix a few things because the car looked like garbage. It was missing a lug nut, the radio didn’t work, the interior headliner was ripped and falling apart, it was dirty, and the paint looked terrible.

Since I didn’t have any money to fix anything, I used my credit card to buy all the parts I needed to fix the car. Later that week at church, some strangers told me that God told them to give me money. The amount they gave me was exactly what I needed to pay off my credit card after using it buy the car parts!

Once I had all the parts I needed to fix my Corolla, I fixed it and cleaned the car super good. Then, I put my car for sale on April 26th. And on April 27th, it was sold! Close enough haha

With the money I made from the sale of the Toyota Corolla plus some money from my savings, I paid $1,600 on the loan for my Nissan Versa. By this point, I was actually starting to get hopeful!

Miraculous Provision

Since I was no longer working, I knew I needed to find a new place to live before the end of May. Given my unique life situation at that time, I was blessed to know that my family was willing to take me in. May 2016 was a crazy/busy month. Before I moved out, I felt God saying to sell everything in preparation for Africa. So I did. I sold my bed, gave away all my video games from since when I was a child, gave away all my extra clothes that don’t fit in a luggage, etc.

It was a highly stressful and emotional time, but I knew it all needed to happen. The funny thing about all this is that I hadn’t even been accepted into the ministry school in Africa yet. But of course, a few weeks after moving into my new place, I was accepted to attend the Harvest School of Missions in Pemba, Mozambique!

By this time it was the end of May. The loan on my Nissan Versa was down to about $8500. I knew that the only way I could realistically sell the Versa would be if I was about to pay down my loan until I sell it for a similar price to what other locals are selling their Nissans for. If I could do that, the person who would buy my Versa would also be paying off my loan.

Not only did I need to pay off my car loan before going to Mozambique, but I also needed $8,000 to pay for my school tuition, flight, etc in relation to my journey to Mozambique. If I was ever going to get to Mozambique, I knew it would be a miracle. The only thing I knew I needed to do, at the very least, was to pay off the loan on my Nissan Versa. Five months until school starts. Ready, set, go!

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