One of the biggest mistakes we can make when it comes to stepping out in faith is waiting on “God’s timing.” While God does have His timing for many things, I believe the reason most of us never take a risk is that we’re afraid of making mistakes. Thomas Edison didn’t figure out how to invent the light bulb the first time.

Let’s just be honest. Nobody likes the feeling of embarrassment when we try and fail at something. But embarrassment, like it or not, is a key that will unlock the very reason for our existence. Four years ago, in 2013, I’d never traveled anywhere in my life. Though that may have been the case, I knew God told me that He was going to send me to Africa and other countries outside the US to share the Gospel with people.

You Can Learn From Your Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes I made back in 2013 was sharing the dreams God put in my heart with the wrong people. I started telling people that God was going to send me to Africa to share the Gospel in Mozambique. Oh boy, was that a bad idea. Since I was really excited about what God was calling me to do, I shared that with an acquaintance at church.

After I shared that with Him, he said, “Why would God send you to Africa when there are people in America that are poor too? You don’t need to go to Africa. That doesn’t make any sense. You just wanna go to Africa so that you can travel and explore another country.”

At that time, since I didn’t have much experience sharing big dreams with people, I responded in a really awkward way. I really didn’t know what to say. Not long after that, I spent time in prayer about that situation. Why was God calling me to go to Africa to share His power and love with the poor if there are poor people living in my neighborhood?

I really didn’t know the answer. Were my motives right? After lots of prayers, God gave me the answer. The reason God was calling me to go to Africa to minister to the poor isn’t that Africa is the only place where there are poor people. The reason God was sending me there is because that’s where He was sending me; that’s it.

Courage Looks Like Confidence in What You Know God Said

God is not going to send everyone to Africa to preach the Gospel to the poor. If that were the case, we would have a big problem. Imagine if all Spirit-filled people in the world decided to go to Africa to share Jesus with the poor. If that happened, nobody would be ministering to the poor in America, Brazil, China…you get the point.

God doesn’t send people to Africa to spread the Gospel because that’s the only place people are hopeless. He sends people there because they’re called by God to go there. While there are poor people in first world countries who definitely need to know Jesus, it’s important that we’re motivated by obedience to God above anything else.

If we’re not confident in what God has told us to do, we’ll end up becoming whoever people want us to be. Courage looks like not following the crowd. And that’s not because we’re trying to prove somebody wrong or gain someone’s approval. It’s because we’re all created to bring Heaven to earth in a way that’s never been done before.

My First Time in Africa

I still make mistakes. I make lots and lots of mistakes! Haha. But I’m not afraid of making mistakes anymore. God can’t do anything with someone who is afraid to step out in faith. As you may or may not know, I did eventually go to Africa for the first time in 2014.

The first time I went to Africa was the first time I ever got on a plane on my own…ever! While the trip was amazing and I saw lots of miracles, I was manipulated out of about $200, I almost threw up 2-3 times, I missed two flights and got lost, and I almost passed out in the airport. But I made it.

Since my first missions trip to Mozambique in Africa, God has sent me to Johannesburg South Africa, the Middle East, France, and Spain to share the Gospel of His power and love with people. I’ve prayed for lots of people throughout the years, and I’ve even had the opportunity to lead some people to Jesus. And God’s not finished with me yet.

It’s important that we don’t waste time over-analyzing what everyone thinks we should be doing. Jesus simply told us to love people and to share His Gospel with the lost and the brokenhearted. Getting rid of all the confusing external voices and zeroing in on His voice is one of the only ways we will bring the revival we want to see.


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