In 2016 when God told me to quit my job, sell everything, and go to Africa for the Harvest School of Missions, I totally freaked out. I freaked out because I couldn’t figure out how I was going to do it. But that’s the thing. I couldn’t have done it. Not only did God actually give me the grace to go to ministry school in Africa in 2016, but all that happened while I didn’t have a stable job.

If I had to depend on myself to accomplish the things God has planned for me, I’d be in trouble. There have been many times in my life that I tried to do things in my own strength. To make a long story short, none of those things ever worked out.

Whenever we try to do things in our own strength, we’ll see results based on performance. While I do believe God wants us to perform well, since faith without works is dead, we need to remember that real success has nothing to do with what we can do apart from Him.

Dreaming With God

When we dream apart from God, we’re dreaming too small. My entire life up until 2010, I didn’t know who I was. Besides being a human being who pays taxes and works to survive, I didn’t know why I existed. My entire life, my dream was to work for a big car dealership and make $100,000 a year. But when I finally got the job of “my dreams” I realized that what I was dreaming about was my dream, but it wasn’t God’s dream for me.

Our dreams consist of what we can do for ourselves to live good lives, but God’s dreams consist of what He can for us and through us. Like a boat out of the water, many of us are trying really hard to make something of ourselves that God has not given us the grace to do. Try to paddle on concrete in a boat and see how far you get.

Breaking Off The Spirit Of Suicide

In 2016 after I published my second book, “Rescued Love,” I was invited to speak to over a hundred of people about my book in Colorado. Since that was only the second time I’d ever been invited to speak in public, I was super nervous! And not only was I nervous, but I wasn’t sure how in the world I was going to afford to travel to Colorado from where I live in California (over 1,000 miles).

But God took care of it. Without starting a fundraiser or asking anyone for money, people decided to donate toward my ministry trip to Colorado so that I could speak about my book. The price of the plane was covered. The hotel was covered. Even food and transportation was all paid for by the ministry that invited me. Wow!¬† That’s the kinda thing that happens to other people, but I never thought that would happen to me.

On the day I spoke about my book in Colorado, I prayed that God would fill people with His love. I prayed that the spirit of suicide would be broken off anyone who was feeling purposeless and lonely. After I spoke, a man rushed over to talk to me. He said that God really spoke to him through my message about the power and love of Jesus.

At that moment, I felt God tell me to give him a copy of my book, so I did. I also prayed for him. Before we parted ways, I gave him another copy of my book to give to one of his family members who was contemplating suicide.

Doing it God’s Way

Up until 2010, I’d been working really hard to try and build a good life for myself. But, I always ended up disappointed because it all felt so meaningless. The reason it felt meaningless is that it was meaningless. Being able to speak life into a broken man who wanted to kill himself breathed life into my spirit. In the same way, Jesus didn’t come to the world to be served, but He came to serve.

He didn’t come to earth to be an extravagant King and build His Kingdom. He came to earth to lay down His rights as a King so that we would have life and an opportunity to live forever with Him if we follow Him. As we live our lives from day to day, we need to remember to always keep the main thing the main thing.

It’s easy to get distracted in a world where everyone is trying to compete with one another. We don’t need to look to the left or to the right when we want to figure out how to actually live a life worth living. We just need to look to Jesus.

It’s not about a cheesy religion. It’s not about trying to prove other people wrong. The purpose of life is to demonstrate real love like Jesus did. We can sit in a boat on a highway struggling to paddle on the concrete. Or, we can partner with God in what He wants us to do and stop wasting our time trying to do everything ourselves. Doing things God’s way is the only way we’ll live life in abundance and change the world at the same time.

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