Pastor Bill Johnson once said, “It isn’t that the world is getting worse, it’s just that we have more access to bad news.” Everybody is saying the world is ending soon because of all the earthquakes, tornados, and other natural disasters we’ve been hearing about lately. But the question is, are all these things really happening more now then they have before, or have these things always been happening, but we just never knew about it until the age of T.V and the internet?

When I was in Africa last year doing mission work, one of my friends, who happens to be white, noticed that one of the orphaned African kids was afraid of her. At first, no one could figure out why the child was afraid of my white friend, but after a while, one of the locals told us the reason.

The child was afraid of my friend because she was white. The child had never seen a white person before, so they thought it was quite interesting and scary at the same time.

Technology has certainly increased our knowledge about how other people live in other parts of the world, and that’s a good thing. But the problem with technology and the news is that it tends to focus on bad news and natural disasters since that’s what a lot of people like to watch.

This is the reason why American gossip magazines like the National Enquirer continue to thrive. News flash. The world is not getting worse. If we would turn off the T.V. and shut off the computer for at least a week, all of a sudden, the world would look like a much better place.

This doesn’t mean we should be ignorant and not care about the problems happening around us, but we need to be careful with being oversaturated with bad news 24/7. The news rarely shares the good things that God is doing in the world today.

Focusing on Good News

For example, did you know that there are more Middle Eastern Muslims coming to Christ this year than ever before? That means now there are more people in the Middle East who will be able to destroy the works of ISIS than ever before.

Martin Luther King dreamed that one day black and white children would play together without any repercussions. Did you know that’s already happening?

The world isn’t perfect and it’ll never be perfect because as long as we have a free will, I believe there will always be wicked people. But the problem isn’t that there’s corruption in the world, the problem is that we think the world is just getting worse every day and there’s nothing we can do about it.

To say that the world is always getting worse and we’re all slowly wasting away is to say that the Gospel is a waste of time. A Gospel that’s overly focused on everything falling apart is not the Gospel of Jesus. Whether the world is getting worse or better depends on what you’re doing with the grace God gave you.

Until Jesus returns, there will always be natural disasters, murders, robberies, etc. But if we all play our part in demonstrating the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, we can save a life by being the hands and feet of Jesus. When we know who our God is, we are not powerless people. The victory God releases to us is the same victory that others can receive through us.


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