Recently my girlfriend called me and said that she got into a car accident that was bad enough that she needs to take time off work to recover. I was devastated when I heard the news, and all my plans for the day went out the window as I waited and prayed for hours to make sure she was okay. No one plans a car accident, theft, vandalism, physical abuse, etc.

I didn’t plan to be in my current living situation and back in the US without a car to get around. I didn’t plan to leave the mission field in Spain after only three months. A lot of unexpectedly discouraging things happen in our lives that we don’t plan, but at the end of the day, the most important thing that matters is how we respond to those discouraging things.

As many of you may already know, two years ago I was diagnosed as borderline anemic. At that moment, a lot of things started to make sense. My entire life I’ve always suffered from random headaches that my brother never suffered from, and I just thought that was normal for me without trying to understand it. But anemia had been the underlining problem all along.

My greatest passion ever is sharing the love of Jesus with refugees and people who are depressed. One verse I really like is the one that says, “When you enter a town and are welcomed, eat what is offered to you (Luke 10:8).” But how am I going to do that if I’m borderline anemic?” I would ask myself. 

I was borderline depressed when I found out that I was slightly anemic because that means I need to be careful with what I eat. The reason this affected me so much wasn’t that I just wanna eat junk food all the time, but it could prevent me from sharing the love of Jesus with people. How so?

Well, when most people invite you to their home, they aren’t going to give you sugar-free or gluten-free meal options. They’re just going to give you whatever they want to give you which probably includes sugar, gluten, and all the above.

Saying “No thanks” to a meal offered to you by people you want to help, because you can only eat specific foods, can be very offensive to your hosts. THAT is the reason I was sad to hear about my borderline anemia. But that is not the end of my story.

Recently, after receiving encouragement from my girlfriend and YouTube testimonials, I found that I don’t have to live this way forever. Not only can my problem with borderline anemia be treated, but I know it can completely be reversed if I radically change the way I diet and exercise!

Since sugar is a huge problem for me, I almost eliminated it from my diet (It’s harder than you think since high amounts of sugar are even in fruits like grapes, white bread, white rice, etc). I’ve also added way more iron & chlorophyll rich greens to each of my meals like spinach/kale, pumpkin seeds, and french green beans.

Since my body has a lower red blood cell count that the average male, my doctor suggested that I start taking iron supplements. Soon I’ll start taking an all organic plant based iron supplement as well. Other than changing my diet, I’ve also been exercising regularly, and I’ll share more about my health journey in future posts.

Why am I doing all this? Because one day I want to be able to eat anything people put in front of me without worrying about my health. I may not have planned for any of these things in my life to happen, but I’m not a victim of my circumstances and with God’s help, I WILL beat this thing.

While we can’t plan for when bad things happen to us, we can definitely choose to respond in a way that keeps us focused on our God-given destiny. Bad things happen to all of us whether we deserve it or not, but what will keep us going is our vision to see and be all we were created to be.


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