About a year ago, someone shared a really sad, but true story with me about a woman who wasted her life. Some years ago, there was this woman who was a very hard worker. She was such a hard worker that she refused to take vacations or even time off from her job. Her number one goal in life was to retire as young as possible so that she could enjoy her years of retirement.

After about 20-30 years of nonstop work without any vacations, she finally retired from her job. But only a few weeks after she retired, she dropped dead of a heart attack before she received her first retirement paycheck.

Retirement can be a gift from God, but making it the goal of your life is a deception. We are not here on the earth to work hard, build a good life for ourselves, then eventually retire so that we can enjoy our lives while the rest of the world is dying without ever knowing the love of God.

Like retirement, God gives us lots of gifts that we should enjoy, but whenever we make His gifts our life’s purpose, we become selfish Christians who care more about ourselves then what Jesus taught.

Retirement can be taken away, corporations can go bankrupt, and houses and cars can be destroyed by mother nature at any given moment. If the purpose of your life consists of things that can be taken away from you, who are you without them?

People commit suicide all the time when they lose their jobs, and the education system has been blamed for this. But the problem isn’t the education system, it’s people not knowing who they are in Jesus and what they’re created for.

Nothing in this life is for certain, but when we place our identity in Jesus, that’s a foundation that can’t be shaken. When we make our life’s purpose to heal the sick and to demonstrate the love of Jesus to hopeless people, that’s when we really come alive.


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