If our feelings are what drive us to make the biggest decisions of our lives, we’ll inevitably make the biggest mistakes of our lives over and over again. When I went to Mozambique last year for missions school, the first day I was there, I got bit by about 8 or 9 mosquitoes through the day! I was itching so bad that the only thing I dreamed of at that time was inventing a human scratching machine.

The thought of scratching all of my itchy bumps at the same time sounded as glorious as the second coming of Christ, but we all know that would have been a terrible idea! Our feelings cannot be trusted, and we need to be careful that the voice of our feelings isn’t louder than the Voice of Truth (read Hebrews 3:16).

Moving Away From A Problem Won’t Solve Your Problem

Years ago, there was a guy I used to work with who was extremely corrupt. I worked in commission based sales, and this guy used to find manipulative ways to secretly steal thousands of dollars in sales from me and the other associates. I wanted to quit my job so bad that I often couldn’t sleep at night because it was all I thought about. But what stopped me from quitting was that I knew I would have been quitting for the wrong reasons.

During that time, a friend who quit the same job I was working at told me that she also hated her new job, and she’d only been working there for a few months. “But how can that happen??? In this particular case, the grass has to be at least a little greener on the other side!” I thought.

No matter where you go, there will always be a man/woman who will cause you a lot of pain. Running away from something that doesn’t feel good won’t take you any closer to where you’re supposed to be going in your life. While physical abuse and other extreme situations are always an exception to this, under most circumstances, running away is not the answer.

You can run away from people, but you can’t run away from yourself. Everywhere you go, there you are. Our feelings often tell us that whenever we experience pain or heartache, we need to run as far away as possible from the problem. This is also known as fight or flight. When we choose to run away from things that don’t make us feel good, we’re unknowingly eliminating all possibilities for ourselves to be truly known and loved.

When we lead by our feelings rather than by the love of Jesus, we end up only building relationships with people who are also lead by their feelings. Unfortunately, these types of relationships never go deep because the foundation of them is rooted in fear, self-preservation, and a victim based bitterness about the world around them.

If you don’t have any deep friendships in Los Angeles, you won’t have any deep friendships in Paris either. The only way to get set free from our deceptive feelings is by dealing with the enemy within ourselves. Your feeling will manipulate and lie to you to get what they want, and if you follow your feelings they’ll lead you to a never-ending cycle of perpetual paralysis. Following your feeling will eventually lead to death, but following the way of love will lead you to a life better than your wildest dreams (read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7).



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