No one wants to work at Walmart. Everybody has a divine purpose on this earth, but often times we feel stuck when we’re working at dead-end boring jobs that don’t seem to be adding any value to the world. We all have a purpose, and God created all of us to be and do something amazing in this world, and it’s important that we learn to see beyond what we can see. Evangelist and international speaker Christine Caine once said, “If what you see is all you see you will never see all there is to see.”

Most of us get stuck in a rut in life, and we start wondering why we’re even alive if all we’re going to be doing is paying taxes and paying bills. Nobody was born for mediocracy. God created all of us to be world changers and to reveal His love to a lost and dying world, but how do we do that practically? One thing I’ve learned throughout the years is to write down all the dreams God has put in my heart, and then find practical ways to start moving toward that dream on a day to day basis.

As long as your heart is in the right place, God will give you anything you ask for (John 14 13:14), so it’s important that we don’t waste our lives doing things that don’t count for eternity. One of my dreams was to pay off my student loans and thousands of dollars I’d racked up in debt, and after two years, I’m debt free. Another dream was to write books that would impact people all over the world, and after a few years, I’m starting to see that happen.

Paying off my debt and publishing two books didn’t happen overnight. To pay off my student loan, I chose to work extra hours at a job I hated so that I could put that extra money toward my loan, and I also decided to spend my entire tax refund on paying down the loan. When I was writing my latest book, Rescued Love,  I was working 50 hours a week at my job, I was in charge of the morning prayer team at my church, and I was in charge of a large monthly worship night at my house which included meetings throughout the week.

To make time to write in my book, sometimes I would go to sleep at 7:00pm, wake up at 1:00am, write until 6am, then go straight to work from there. That was a really hard thing to do, but above having a headache at work and being exhausted, I knew I was going to write a book that would impact people from all around the world, and I was willing to do whatever it took for that to happen; no excuses.

I may not be where I want to be, but I’m certainly not where I used to be. If you’re going to change the world, you gotta start one step at a time. There’s no step too small that you can take today that will change someone’s life forever.



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