Before I went overseas, I used to think that missionaries only lived off of donations or church offering. But after talking with people who actually live as missionaries, I’ve learned that it doesn’t always work like that. I’ve traveled to Mozambique, South Africa, The Middle East, and Spain for missionary work, and I’ve learned that being a missionary has to do with trusting the Lord for income, which is a very general statement.

When I was doing missionary work undercover in the Middle East, I talked to a woman who had been a missionary her entire life and she’d always received her income from donations. While she says her road hasn’t been easy, the Lord certainly has always provided for her financial needs with donations from friends, family, and even strangers.

I’ve talked to many missionaries who have similar stories in which God took care of their financial needs through means of donations. However, I’ve also talked with people who live as missionaries by having their own business. Many people give up on the call of God for their life because they’re not receiving enough donations to fully preach the Gospel without taking on side work.

Last year the Lord told me that I was going to Africa to the Harvest School with Heidi Baker. Within six months, my $10,000 car loan was paid in full, I sold it, and then the Lord provided another $8,000 for me to pay my school tuition in full and live in Africa for 2 months as a missionary. Of that $8000, ¬†$2000 came from me selling my latest book, “Rescued Love,” and the rest came from donations and side work.

Some missionaries only live on donations, and that is absolutely God’s will, but many other missionaries live off of the flexibility entrepreneural endeavors bring, and that’s God’s will too. Determining which one is right and which one is wrong has nothing to do with what other people are saying or doing, but it has everything to do with God is telling you to do.



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