To be a missionary, do you have to go to Africa, the Middle East, or China? Are those the only places in the world where there’s murder, rape, incest, and suicide bombers? Is there not sex trafficking happening in Sacramento? Are there not suicide bombers blowing people up here in the US?

The truth is that the mission field isn’t a specific location, it’s us acting in obedience to what God tells us to do in regards to stopping these horrific things from happening by radically loving people. Sometimes the mission field is in Africa, China, or the Middle East, but above anything else, we need to be obedient to what Jesus tells us to do and where He tells us to go to make an impact in the world.

Earlier this year I was serving as a missionary in Spain for 3 months, but I needed to return to America because I wasn’t able to get a Visa to stay there any longer. I’d gotten prophetic words about going to Spain, so I knew I was supposed to be there, but often times things happen in this life that we don’t have any control over, and this was one of them.

A lot of things should have happened with the organization I was working with that would’ve prevented this problem from happening, but because of lack of wisdom on my end and a miscommunication between the two different organizations I was working with out there, I had no other option than to come back to California because I couldn’t get a Visa.

I didn’t want to come back, and I certainly didn’t give up on my calling, but I knew overstaying my Visa was definitely not God’s will. I thought, “What the heck just happened; what do I do now?” As I sat in my room praying and trying to make sense of all this, I remembered part of a prophetic word someone told me years ago, “God’s gonna move you around a bit. Sacramento isn’t your final destination. What God is doing in you will take you places, so be open to relocation. 

While there are specific places I know God has called me to go in the future, I don’t know exactly what’s coming next. What I do know is that I’m passionate about demonstrating God’s love to refugees and the poor, and that’s what I’m going to do no matter where I am.

About a month ago I was talking to a Muslim man who’s originally from Afghanistan. He told me that his family is still living in Afghanistan and there is no way for him to bring them to America at this time. he also told me that while he was living in Afghanistan, a suicide bomber tried to blow him up, and he still has health problems because of that.

If I was living in Afghanistan, I can only help a few people because I would have to live undercover, but if I live outside of creative access nations,  I can help the refugees who are looking for hope and a place of refuge. For now, California is my mission field, and regardless of where we live, there will always be people who need hope, love, and Jesus.

I’m bored” should never be words that come out of our mouths when we live in a world full of child pornography, sex trafficking, suicide bombers blowing people up, incest, etc. We all have a part to play to build a Godly legacy and to impact a future generation we will never see. Sure I don’t have a car since I sold it before I went to Spain, but when you want to make an impact in this generation, nothing will stop you.



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