Recently I feel like the Lord has been challenging me in a much greater sense when it comes to learning how to love. There are people in my life that mock me for being a Christian, they “push my buttons” to see if I’ll lose control, and they try to take advantage of me because they think Christians are pushovers.

I have come close to losing control on many occasions, and truthfully, I have said and done a few things I probably shouldn’t have, and it’s because of the way I’ve been treated. However, when I chose to apologize when I wronged them, they began to apologize as well. The biggest thing I’ve been learning is how to love people when it doesn’t feel good.

If I only love those that love me back, I know nothing about love because many times love has to look like sacrifice. We don’t need to respect our enemies, but we do need to love and honor them. Obedience looks like saying, “Yes” when it’s less painful to say, “No.” Love looks obedience to God before it looks like sacrifice.

Sacrifice has nothing to do with allowing people to take advantage of me, but it’s about choosing to honor powerless people rather than defending what I think I deserve. Love looks like praying for those that persecute us, laying down our lives for those we don’t think deserve it, and giving to those we know won’t pay us back.

As Christians, we are passionate about what God created us for, so it’s no surprise that there are people that are just as passionate about everything we’re against. With that being said, we don’t want to be known for everything we’re against, we want to be known for everything we’re for, and that’s to see His love invade the hearts of everyone on the face of the earth.

Love has to look like something; it has to look like honoring and serving people we don’t think deserve it, after all, Jesus didn’t deserve the cross…


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