Saturday June 7th: Final Day in Pemba

On  our  last  day in Pemba, we all  packed up our belongings and made our way  to the Pemba  airport.  Some  of our team was traveling to other parts of the world,  so we said our  good  byes  to  them,  but  most  of  us  where  heading first to a connecting flight in Johannesburg,  South  Africa.  When  we  all arrived at the Johannesburg airport, we all said our good byes to one another, and went our separate ways.

Sunday June 8th: The Flight Back Home

From Johannesburg, South Africa, I had a 16 hour flight to Atlanta, Georgia  (one of the longest  nonstop  flights  in  the  world.) When I arrived in Atlanta, I went to sit down in the seat  section  designated  for people  who  would  be flying into Sacramento, CA (My final destination). About 10  minutes before the plane to Sacramento started boarding, I started to become very sad. I became so sad, my eyes began to well up with tears.

Because I didn’t want to cause a scene at the airport, I somehow managed to not let any tears  run  down my cheeks. The reason I was sad was not because I couldn’t wait to get home  and  I missed my friends and family (even though I did), but it was because I did not want to go home. The way I see “home” now is different…

I  don’t see “home” as a certain location, rather, I feel that I have been learning recently how to make multiple  homes  around  the  world.  We don’t necessary belong in a certain part of the world, really, the only place we belong in the loving arms of Daddy God. When we trust Him whole heartedly, we can make our home anywhere He wants us to be.



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