Monday June 2nd: Beach & Testimonies

This  day,  part  of  our  team  went  to another beach in Pemba. This beach wasn’t within walking  distance  like  the  first  one we went to, but this beach took 30 minutes for us to arrive.  When  we  finally  got to the beach, the first thing I noticed was the Iris Ministries housing;  Iris  is in  the  process of expanding their ministry, and they were in the process of building housing for the full time missionaries at their base.

I  spent  most  of  my  afternoon  here  talking  with  a  little girl from the Base who spoke fluent  English.  I  spent  time  with  both  the  little  girl  and her little brother in the sand simply enjoying their company.

This  day, we listened to a Canadian pastor share testimonies with our group while we all ate freshly cooked lobster, rice, and beans. This place was certainly my dream location: a beautiful ocean beach with God.

Tuesday June 3rd: Evangelism in Power & Love

The  main  thing  I  remember  from  this  day  was  that our team had the privilege to see Heidi  Baker  preach  to  the Harvest School students. After her preaching, I got a chance to  pray for about 3-4 people until everyone started cleaning up. I felt the Lord telling me that I needed to help them clean up. I love helping people, even if it means to sometimes help people clean up afterwards; it gives everyone a better experience.

I asked a couple of guys to help me carry some of the equipment to a local room where it needed to go. No one likes to clean up, but it is definitely rewarding when we all clean up together. After we had a team meeting in the afternoon, we prepared for a special Iris church service where our group leader Will Hart would be preaching.

During Will’s preaching, a local Iris Staff member translated everything he was saying into Portuguese. At the end of the service, Will prayed for the Holy Spirit’s fire to fall on everyone that wanted it (the Baptism of the Holy Spirit).  Many people fell to the ground under the power of God and became slain in the Spirit. I, along with a few other people in my team, were “catchers” to ensure that when people fell, they were laid down gently. It was amazing to see the Spirit move that night.

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