Sunday June 1st: Children’s Day

Children’s day is a very special day that only happens once a year. It’s like Christmas day for the children in Mozambique. Early in the morning, the first thing our team did was surprise the children by putting balloons and confetti inside of the rooms of all the children while they were in school. Nothing spiritual here, but it was truly an amazing experience for me and many others to see the smiling and joyful faces of the children as they came back to their rooms after school.


 After  celebrating children’s day with the children, our team made our way over to the Iris Base  Church for the Sunday morning service. The Sunday morning service was packed; it appeared   to   be   that   there  were  at  least  five-hundred  people  present.  Heidi  Baker preached  a  great  sermon  (which  was  translated  into  Portuguese  for  the  local  village people) that touched the hearts of many children.

Toward the end of the service, Heidi asked everyone who wanted to accept Christ to come to  front  stage,  and  at  least 100 children walked onto the stage to accept Jesus into their hearts.  There  were  so many children on the stage, that many of them were very standing at the very edge.

After  the  service and resting for a while, part of our team lined up outside to assist in the children’s feeding. I, along with about 10 other people from my team, shook the hands and blessed about 5,000 children as they  made their way to the kitchen to eat. This was one of the  most  rewarding  experiences  in  my entire life. I loved looking at all the smiles on the children’s  faces as they shook our hands, and as we patted them on their backs. One of the things  that  almost  made  my  cry was when many of the children wanted a hug instead of just a hand shake.

Many  of  the children with joy on their faces would run up, and jump into my arms as if I was  their  father.  I  miss  the  warmth  of  their  little  bodies  against  mine,  and the little dimples  on  their  faces  that  would  pop  out because their smiles were so big, you would think  their  faces would crack. Some of the children would just stop and stare at me…as if they were waiting for me to adopt them as my own children.

They  would  stare  at me with a blank look on their faces, probably wondering if I was the one that was going to show them God’s love for the first time in their lives. We blessed the children  on  their  way  to the kitchen for about 4 hours. It was extremely exhausting, but more rewarding than anything else.

After  assisting  in  the  children’s  feeding, I started walking back to my room at the base, when  all  of  a  sudden  a  young  man  standing  near  a large tree called out to me, “Hey brother,  come over here! What is your name?” As I made my way over to the young man, I  remembered  that  one  of  my  friends  (Laura)  back  in California prophesied over me that I  would  meet  a  person standing under a large tree, and God would give me a word of knowledge for them.

Before  meeting  this  man,  I was looking at every guy standing under a tree to see if that was  the  guy  I was supposed to pray for, but most people at the base don’t speak English well enough to hold a conversation, so I started to give up on that prophetic word coming to  pass.  After  I  stopped trying to find the man, God told me, “son, relax. I’ll take care of that.” I love how God doesn’t have to say a lot to get our attention.

I  knew  that  the  man  I was talking to was the man I was supposed to pray for because I didn’t have to do anything to make it happen, it just happened. Anyway to get back to the story,  the  man  standing  under  the tree had a lot of questions for me about where I was from, and he also had questions about my family background as well.

People  in  Mozambique  are  very  friendly and most of them don’t have hidden agendas. Toward the  end  of  our  conversation,  the  Holy Spirit was giving me the word, “Father” for  him. Then I finally told the man, “I hear the Lord giving me the word ‘Father’ for you. I  feel  like  you  have  a  Fathers  heart.”  Then  the  man  standing under the tree told me, “Well I am a Father, I have two kids.”

After the man thanked me for the Lords word that I shared with him, we hugged, prayed together, and then went our separate ways.

(This picture here shows one of the little girls, with the matching pink dress and lolly pop, who played with our team during our feeding of the 5000; isn’t she a cutie?)


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