Thursday May 29th: Pemba Mozambique

When we arrived at the airport in Pemba, Mozambique, the only thing I was thinking about was, “I hope Sean is really going to show up at the airport.” After I picked up my luggage, I walked outside of the airport where all the Harvest School students where going, and I introduced myself to the Harvest School Leader, “Hi my name is Ernesto, and I am with Global Awakening on a missions trip with Iris ministries.

A man named ‘Sean’ from Iris Ministries is suppo…” Then Sean popped out of nowhere, interrupted me, and introduced himself, “Hi Ernesto, I’m Sean. Are you ready to go?” I said, “Yes!”  Sean and his family picked me up at the Pemba airport in their personal vehicle, and dropped me off at the Iris Base. As soon as I arrived at the Iris Base, I was introduced to the rest of my team.

I was happy to be in Pemba. After spending most of the day resting to recover from all my jet lag, our group leader, Will Hart, decided to take us out to eat for dinner. That night, we all took a walk together outside of the Iris Ministries base to head to a local restaurant. As soon as we walked out of the base, our team leader Will told us, “We need to stay together because the streets are very dangerous here at night; the cars have the right away, we don’t.”

As we walked together down a dirt road to the restaurant (in the US, this would be a sidewalk), a little boy (probably about 5 years old) walked up to me and decided to hold my hand. I have never seen this boy before in my life, but he trusted me. I looked down at him, and he looked up at me and smiled. In America, we have a rule that says, “don’t talk to strangers,” which is a good rule and makes a lot of sense, but in Mozambique, the only rule I noticed was the rule of love.

I’m not saying there aren’t bad people in Mozambique, because I did experience that, but what I am saying is that the people generally are more intimate in their relationships than what I have experienced here in the US. While I do love the US because it is where I was born and raised, it’s hard to not love Mozambique more; my heart was torn after this experience.

Once we arrived at the restaurant, Will told the little boy holding my hand that he could not come with us into the restaurant, for obvious reasons, so the boy let go of my hand and walked off into the night. That little boy didn’t have parents, and I’m not even sure where he was going, but I became very attached very quickly to his heart. During our dinner, I decided to take a couple of pictures of our team so that the memories would last forever.



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