Pre-Mozambique 2014

Where do I begin with this… I live in Sacramento CA, and I’ve felt the Lord has been calling me to go on a missions trip since 2012.  I  knew  that  a  missions  trip  would  take me to the next step in my journey with God.  I’ve  been  asking  God  for  some  years  now  whether I am called to be a full time missionary overseas, or if I am called to go to the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry; well lately, God has taken me on a journey to where it’s starting to look a little different than both of those options I had in mind.

A quote from Heidi Baker comes to mind when she refers to people who dream with God. She said (paraphrased): “When you dream with Daddy God, He doesn’t make you pick from either or, but instead He gives you both and more.” In  2013,  I  felt  the  Lord  calling  me  to  go on a missions trip to a Middle Eastern nation.

Keep in mind, this would have been my first missions trip ever, and most people would never  recommend  that  to a first timer, but I believe when God says go, you go. After I signed  up for the missions trip to the Middle East and applied my five-hundred dollar deposit, there  was  a  Muslim  terrorist  attack  on the Christian neighborhood that I would have been  going to if I would have went on that missions trip. After that happened, I prayed  about  whether  or  not I was still supposed to go to the Middle East, and the Lord told me very clearly, “No, the timing is wrong.”

So I decided to cancel my application and retract my five-hundred dollar deposit. I was confused as to why God would tell me to go to the Middle East, and then at the last minute say “no,” but then I remembered the story in the Bible when God told Abraham to kill his son Isaac; God probably knew that I would die if I to the Middle East at that specific time, but His intention was never for anything like that to happen to me. Instead, He simply wanted to see how much I trusted Him.

A few weeks after God told me this, I contacted the missionary organization to see if they were still hosting a missions trip to the Middle East after the Muslim terrorist attack had taken place there, and there was no longer any information about the Middle Eastern missions trip showing on their website. The fact that I noticed this was confirmation that this trip was a test from God, and not a calling for this season.

Later the same year, I felt a call from the Lord to go on a  missions trip to Pemba, Mozambique with Iris Ministries. Things financially for me at this time were very tight, so I knew if this was going to happen, if would have to be God. While raising support for my missions trip, I spent about $500 on my credit card to buy necessary supplies for my trip. At a certain point, I began to wonder if it really was God’s will that I go on this trip due to the amount of money I was spending.

I asked a close group of friends to pray over my finances for the trip, and only 2 days after that prayer, I got an unexpected letter from my place of employment stating that I was entitled to receive a $572 check because of a class action lawsuit. God not only took care of my credit card, but he also gave me a little extra money just for kicks. God was teaching me a whole lot about “trust” even prior to me going on this trip.

Finally May 26th came, the day I would leave the US for Mozambique. My friend Ashton dropped me off at the Sacramento airport, and at this point…I was on my own. My first stop inside the airport was the luggage checkpoint. The first thing I noticed was a statement on a screen that said, “Do you have locks on your your luggage? Make sure you don’t forget!”

Since this was my first time flying anywhere on my own, I didn’t know locks were necessary for my luggage. I eventually bought locks for my luggage, and then later I found out through one of the officers in the airport that if my luggage did not have locks on it, the police would have had to search my bag to make sure nothing was stolen (it would have been a nightmare for me later). In the picture below (at the Sacramento airport), I am on the left.


I will be posting a new part to the series every week until I have shared every detail with all of you; Stay tuned 🙂

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