One of the biggest problems in today’s American society is not the poor economy, but it’s the poor mentality within the poor economy. Many people believe that because they were born into a family that didn’t thrive in financial and spiritual prosperity, that they are doomed to a lifestyle of poverty. As I elaborate the definition of poverty, please understand that I’m not just talking about money, but I’m talking about the poverty mindset. People who think poor act poor whether they’re rich or not.

In the parable of the talents from Scripture, three men were given a certain amount of money, and the Lord wanted to see what each of them would do with it. Two of those men invested the money given to them, and as a direct result of that, the Lord blessed them with more, but the third man hid the money under the ground. The Lord was angry with what the third man did because he did not use the money the Lord gave to him wisely. Because the money given to the third man wasn’t invested, the Lord took it away from him and gave it to other men who invested their money wisely.

For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance; but from him who does not have, even what he has will be taken away. Matthew 25:29

Many people who obtain riches spend all the money they obtain on themselves and eventually die in vain with nothing more than “he was a good man” written on their tombstone. While there is nothing wrong with buying nice things for oneself, we want to make sure that if we are blessed financially, that we are known for our generosity rather than our selfishness. Generosity builds orphanages for underprivileged children living in third world countries, it helps to change laws in countries where worshiping Jesus is punishable unto death, and it buys plane tickets to travel to places where we can show God’s love to a dying family that is homeless due to an abusive father; generosity comes in many ways, but the greatest way we can be generous is in our love.

We will never change the world if we don’t change ourselves first. Before we can change anything, we need to change how we think. Changing the world for the better can mean many different things depending on who the person is and what their intentions are. The overall goal of creating a long lasting change is for us to leave this world someday knowing that it is now a better place since we’ve left, not because we want the credit or the glory for that change, but so that we can be satisfied, in heaven, knowing that we positively impacted many people’s lives forever.

Love is the true motivation for a world changer. Let us no longer live for ourselves, but for the next generation to come. We might only live once, but we also only die once. When we get to heaven we want Jesus to say to us, “well done my good and faithful servant,” because everything we do and receive in this life is not for our benefit, but for the benefit of those around us.


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