Having friends in your life to hold you accountable to your actions is vital to making wise decisions. By making that statement, I am not saying that we are not capable of making our own decisions without the help of others, but I say that in reference to making potentially life changing decisions. Decisions such as buying a car, buying a house and/or who to trust with valuable information should not be made solo. Wisdom comes from experience. Many of us are either not old or experienced enough to have been burned by a sketchy car salesperson or a manipulative friend, but we all have friends who have been unfortunate enough to experience those things at one point or another.

It is smarter to learn from someone else’s bad experiences than to learn from our own, because through that process, we gain wisdom while avoiding the negative experience it normally takes to obtain wise judgement. Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed [Proverbs 15:22]. I have made many bad decisions in my life, but with the help of friends wiser than myself, I was able to escape from some emotionally dangerous situations before they got worse. There’s a saying that goes, “curiosity killed the cat,” and in reality, many of us are dying spiritually and emotionally every time we make decisions without wise counseling.

Wisdom is the guard that allows good into the heart and keeps the bad out. Wisdom allows good people into our lives who are going to encourage, correct, and uplift us, but it also prevents bad people from hurting us. In theory, one who always practices Godly counseling will never experience pain, but that’s just not realistic. We all at one point or another will experience pain and suffering; it is inevitable. The righteous person may have many troubles but the Lord delivers him from them all [Pslam 34:19]. How amazing is it to know that our God delivers us from all of our troubles even if we let the bad in; it is satisfying to know that no matter many times we are in bad situations whether we allow them or not, God will always deliver us from them!

As we lean how to keep Godly accountability and the Lord first in our lives, we will eventually come to a place where our relationships with people are as intimate as our relationship with God [Luke 2:52].



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