I haven’t posted anything recently because I have been dealing with a lot of emotional stress. One of the biggest lies that I have heard the devil tell me is, “you’re going to go around this mountain your entire life,” in other words, things will never change. There’s nothing wrong with hearing a lie, but there’s something wrong with believing it.

We all go through negative or traumatic experiences in our lives, and it’s not the experiences that transform our minds, it’s our response to the negative experiences. Choosing to be transformed by a bad experience renders God’s supernatural power useless.

Healing in many cases doesn’t happen overnight, so avoiding things that cause you pain during the healing process is essential to God healing your broken heart. When your heart is healed however (which needs to happen at some point) we need to be able to face the people who hurt us (provided they are healthy/good people) and retrain our brains to no longer be offended or hurt by them.

The spirit of offense and fear are killers not only in the body of Christ, but also in everyone’s life. As I mentioned earlier, healing doesn’t happen overnight; if it’s only been a week since someone has hurt you, it’s normal to still feel the pain. Two great ways to heal quickly from pain are: staying in a Godly community where people can love on you and hold you accountable to your decisions, and avoiding the person who cause you pain for a short period of time.

All hearts heal with time and wise counseling. Getting whole is one thing, but staying whole is the key to rebuilding your life. Only Jesus can help us sustain wholeness in this broken world. We are all a little broken, but God can use the right people and the right timing to being restoration to our hearts so that we can continue to get back up and fight the good fight. Things will only always be the same if that’s what you think. It’s time for us to shut the devils mouth and step into wholeness; God’s got some big plans for us this year and we’re never going to find out what they are if we quit now.


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