For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. [Matthew 6:19-21] Your life is not all about you it’s about Him (God). Everything you do is for His glory, therefore we should be working at something in this life that has eternal value. This doesn’t mean we all need to be ministers or preachers, God calls some people to do those things, but He’s called others to be race car drivers, movie stars, pianists, architects and so forth. There are many things we can do to shine Gods light in this dark world.

What we are NOT called to do is build a kingdom for ourselves in this world. We are not to do anything solely for the purpose of self gratification otherwise we will not only grieve the Lord, but we will grieve ourselves. We see everyday in the headlines where a movie star commits suicide because of severe depression and loneliness. Money is like a key that CAN bring happiness only if it’s opening the right door. If ones character has not developed prior to obtaining a substantial income, the increase in finances will actually destroy the individual rather than promote them.

Being rich is not destructive as long as the individual understands their life purpose. We are all Children of God and with a title like that, we need to act like we are. Poverty doesn’t just mean people who don’t have money, but poverty is also a type of thinking. Someone who has lots of money and buys a Ferrari for everyday of the week and lives in 5 ten-million dollar mansions and only has $5 in his/her bank account at the end of each week is a poverty minded individual.The poor man thinks, “I need to spend as much of this money as possible because I don’t know when it will all be gone,” but the rich man thinks, “I certainly want to buy nice things with my money, but I also want to make sure I invest it so that way there is always more coming in.”

The rich man thinks eternal but the poor man thinks about right now. The rich mans focus is to use his money to change other peoples lives for generations to come, but the poor mans focus is to use his money to change his own life. Poverty thinking is a dead sea that revolves around you, but abundant thinking is a river of life that builds a legacy that carries on after you’re gone.

What do you want people to say about you when you die? “He/she was a very night person, too bad their gone,” or “He/she was a world changer who helped me to change my life and with the knowledge I now have from him/her, I want to use it to call other people into their destiny as well.”

Martin Luther King was a rich man who knew his identity in Christ, and he lived to help others see how rich they were as well. His legacy still lives on today, and so can yours generations after you’re gone.

The time to start building your legacy is not tomorrow, it’s now.


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