Some of us are fearing the outcome of the upcoming health care reformation. Others of us are feeling like the added stresses of this down economy will prevent us from seeing the dreams of our future coming to pass. A large percentage of the American population is stuck in low paying “dead-end jobs” where the amount of money made is permanently capped by their employer due to budget cuts and loss of company revenue. While all of the things I have mentioned are facts, we need to align with Gods truth.

When Jeremiah 29:11 says that the Lord will give you a future and a hope, that’s the truth we need to be aligning ourselves with. The truth of heaven is greater than the facts of life. Many of us have been planting seeds in the season that were in hoping to see a harvest, but have seen nothing as of yet; your labor has not been in vain, 2014 will be the year of dreams fulfilled. Most of us know that without doing anything different, we will never get different results. Most of the changes taking place are not currently visible to the human eye because the roots have not yet broken through the gravel, but 2014 is the year that we will see for the first time in our lives the fruit of our labor.

There are people in the banking industry that have been waiting for large accounts to go through and there are married couples that have been trying to have children for years and have been unsuccessful. What human reasoning and nature has made impossible this year the Lord will make happen next year. The Lord is creating new options for people who have always felt like “this is the way it is always going to be.” Doors will be opened for you that were never there before. Better opportunities for jobs will show up in the news paper specifically for those who never read the paper.

I see a rainbow over 2013 in the Spirit, and this is the symbol that is putting an end to an old way of living and a season of laboring without seeing results. The Lord is healing panic attacks and loss of sleep, things will change for you in 2014. Next year is the end of hope deferred and the beginning of unrealized dreams fulfilled. Next year is not going to simply be a new chapter in your life, God is going to give you a new book. God is going to rid you of your old way of thinking and rewrite your future according to His will. Many aspects of this change will be uncomfortable, but will bring a greater sense of life purpose to you than anything you’ve ever hoped or dreamed for.

The testimony of what God is going to do to you is not for you, but for the people around you. Your harvest that is coming is not designed to be a dead sea where blessings pour in and nothing comes out, but a river of life where others receive hope from your blessing as fast as God is pouring in. In 2014 your life will change forever, and you will not want to have it any other way.



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