Many Christians and non-Christians alike are thinking about life according to the world standards. Thinking rationally is something we are all taught in our schools, by the media, and even by our families. The problem with being a Christian and thinking rationally is that it’s not normal. It is abnormal for a believer to think natural thoughts when he/she hosts a supernatural God.

We let our minds drift from time to time as we focus on the the bad news from the media and other negative sources. When you constantly think about bad news, your lifestyle¬†reenacts all of your negative thoughts and you end up becoming and living the life you’ve been striving to avoid. Feeding natural thought produces a natural lifestyle, but feeding divine thoughts produces an abundant lifestyle.

When you think about natural things you become overweight and unhealthy in the spirit, but when you think from a divine perspective, you become hungrier the more you feed on the flesh of Jesus. If we could get to a place where we constantly keep our thoughts in one-hundred percent alignment with God, theoretically, depression would cease to exist.

In the world we live in, it is probably impossible to avoid negativity, but it is entirely possible to get to a place where bad thoughts can’t get in. Divine thinking puts a filter on your heart to where you only let the good in, but you keep the bad out. Thinking from a worldly perspective defers your hope, but thinking from a divine perspective restores it by lending you His rope.

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