Many of us are focusing too much on our negative past experiences. Focusing on the past with an intention to change the future always produces negative results. You can’t change what already happened, but you can change what is happening and what will happen. Jesus died on the cross not so that you can live a life of pain and suffering, but so that you could live life in abundance. Dwelling on the mistakes we’ve made locks our minds in the prison of regret. It doesn’t matter how badly you’ve messed up, Jesus already forgave you and loves you anyway. It’s time for us to see ourselves the same way He sees us.

We are all a work in progress but if we see ourselves that way, it gives us ¬†a license to sin because “we arn’t perfect anyway.” Jesus sees you as perfect and pure, and that’s how we should see ourselves as well. When you see yourself as righteous, you don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes, you beat the devil up when he made the mistake of telling you you’re not good enough. As Christians we’re not trying to be good, we’re trying to prevent thoughts from telling us were not good. With all that being said, we most certainly need to be held accountable for our mistakes, but we don’t dwell on them; there’s a difference.

Jesus knew who He was when He walked the earth. While He lived a life of poverty in the physical realm, He lived a life of riches in the spiritual realm. You are who you think you are. If you think like Jesus, then you will become who He thinks you should be; that is who we all want to be.


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