One day a natural resource, later named Vribyss, emerged from beneath the depths of the seas. When it was discovered and researched by local oceanographers, they found it contained properties that could revolutionize the quality of human life. Shortly after this discovery, they were murdered and it was seized by political leaders with totalitarian ideologies.

In turn, this created the greatest refugee crisis the world has ever seen. Though this corrupt political group seemed unstoppable, rumors have been spreading about a refugee turned vigilante who’s been seeking out the government leaders associated with the exploitation of Vribyss. The motives and history of this person are unknown, but a world void of peace is dying to find out.

In the latest teaser short film, “Displacement,” the main character shares how he became a refugee while escaping from political persecution. You can also check out the online character showcase and creation process at the links below. In the online character showcase, you’ll get behind-the-scenes info about Vribyss Refuge ™ which includes the storyline, world-building, and more.